Dunkirk ★★★★

My four stars is more based on the sheer spectacle of what Christopher Nolan has given us this time around. But "Dunkirk" wouldn't be half the movie it is without Han Zimmer's near perfect score. Just like he did in "The Dark Knight Rises" Zimmer sets the tone early and his shrieking strings tense you up for nearly 2 hours.

I know people are putting this up near the top of the list of Nolan's films, and I get it, the spectacle sucks you in. The ambition is second to none, but I'll take "Memento" "The Prestige" and probably even "Insomnia" in my top three. I like noir-Nolan much more than spectacle Nolan. And before you say, "well the Dark Knight trilogy was spectacle!" Well, yes, but it's also based on comic books...and yeah...so sue me.

Nolan's last three films, including "Dunkirk" have been huge extravaganzas, but I can honestly tell you that I've only seen "Inception" and"Interstellar" once. The investment is huge for all of these films, and while "Dunkirk" might be a departure back to simpler times for Nolan in terms of narrative, and runtime, "Dunkirk" is nevertheless an exhausting film. But credit to Nolan digging into one of history's lesser known war stories (at least to me) and creating something that we probably won't see again for a long time.