Get Out ★★★★½

Considering this is a 104 minute horror film, there isn't a wasted all counts for something.

Jordan Peele has created a genre piece that rivals anything a major studio is putting out now. Forget about what people are saying that a studio had "balls" to put out "A Cure For Wellness," "Get Out" is a truly ballsy release for a first time director and who someone might consider just half of a comedy duo.

First off, Key & Peele put out some of the best sketch comedy since the days of "Mr. Show with Bob and David," and if you watched any of their skits there was also a dark and sinister undertone to most, if not, all of them. "Get Out" could have been one of those skits, and it would have been criminal...this concept is tailor-made for the theater.

Where as "Green Room" was my favorite film of 2016, "Get Out" is now in the driver seat for 2017.

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