I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore ★★★½

"What are we doing here...the world..."

Feeling that I needed to include a quote to make this review as cliche as the next one, but it does make you think; "what the f*ck are we doing here?" Are we meant to steal, kill, and destroy each other? These are the questions asked in the nihilistic "I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore."

Usually you use a film to escape from the horrors of reality, but Macon Blair takes these horrors to tasks and showcases just what assholes we've become and highlights the lowest of lowlifes.

From criminals to cops, Blair shows that we all have the capacity to be total dicks to our fellow man (or woman) when we feel like we're being threatened and taken to task. He also explores what it's like to be in a situation that you feel is the biggest thing in the world, whereas we are just specs of dust in the universe and will someday go the days of the dinosaurs.

Sadly, we aren't bigger than the universe we reside in, we're just dust in the wind.

Bleak, but effective.

BTW, Elijah Wood is gold, and he's rockin' the rat tail HARD!