Logan ★★★½

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Disclaimer: This is Matt's opinion

Well directed, well crafted, and generally well acted, "Logan" is right on the cusp of being great for me, but the ending alone knocked it down just enough (if you've seen it, you'll probably know what I mean).

Essentially, this is the Wolverine film that everyone ever wanted. Wanton violence, cursing, more violence, and a great deal of pathos for the X-Man with one of the greatest backstories in comic book history.

While the violence is visceral and really showcases Logan's pain, but his relationship with Charles Xavier is just something that you don't see in film, let alone comic book films, it's shattering.

Overall, I liked "Logan." The bleakness, the gallows humor, and it's best attempt from making this more than a film filled with characters with extraordinary powers, but it's just not the masterpiece it's being made to be...at least not for me.

Again, this is Matt...