mother! ★★★★

There are two camps for "Mother!"

People are pissed and hate it because the marketing lied to them and they think Darren Aronofsky is a self-indulgent asshole who likes to hide too many metaphors in his films and he thinks very highly of himself and is a prick. Oh yeah, and the movie sucks and is too long and hey hate it because it's stupid.

The other side loves the film for all the religious metaphors and the pure instanity that Aronofsky sets upon the audience in the final 30 minutes. 

I get both camps, but I'm certainly in the latter.

"Mother!" hits all the right nerves, and while I could agree the bait and switch marketing scheme will hurt this film more than help, cinephiles will still appreciate what is being showcased here even if you have to do some research or have a decent grasp of Christianity or Judaism to get some of the deeper cuts.