No Country for Old Men ★★★★½

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This movie keeps popping up on Showtime, and any time it's on, I'm compelled to see it through.

It could be just starting, 30 minutes in, nearly at the credits, it doesn't matter, I feel that I need to watch it, and that just shows how truly great "No Country for Old Men" remains.

At the heart, it's simple. Man steals something that doesn't belong to him, unstoppable force tracks him to re-obtain what was stolen, and mayhem ensues. While it's a thriller, I like to think this is a Coen Brothers attempt at revisionist horror. All the tropes are there, but it's hidden enough to take it out of the genre and turn it into a movie that is so critically praised.

You might be scare of Jason Vorhees or MIchael Myers, but you should be scared of Anton Chigurh. His character is so perfect, vexing, and ambiguous, you almost root for him, since he is the only one in the film that is really going by his own set of demented laws and regulations.

10 years after it's release, this film is a classic and will always stand in my Top 10 of not only the 2000s, but in looking back, might also be in the Top 10 of All Time.