Ready Player One ★★★

Say what you will about the 2011 novel of the same name by Ernest Cline; it's fun, escapist bubblegum, exactly what this film should be, however it fails where it should succeed in having some balls about a future that is already here.

Instead we get a two and half hour fanboy nostalgia wet dream with Steven Spielberg patting himself on the back as much as he can. While he created the original blockbuster with "Jaws", he might have broken it with "Ready Player One." Spielberg is now the dinosaur he brought to life back in 1993.

There is a clear lack of substance and suspense and perhaps this is the book reader in me coming out, but the changes are simply pandering to a wider audience who probably don't like "Joust" or "War Games."

I always knew "Player" would be a hard adaptation to fully create, and maybe it would have been better to keep it on the bookshelf.

This could have been a two star, but Mark Rylance bumps this up to a three for me.