The Killing of a Sacred Deer ★★★★½

I'll preface; "The Killing of a Sacred Deer" isn't for everyone, but I guess I could say the same about "The Lobster." However, at least with "The Lobster" it's quirky premise of people turning into animals if they can't find a husband or wife was ingratiating enough for most audiences, but "Sacred Deer," is on another level.

There are whispers of "The Shining," "Eyes Wide Shut," "Fatal Attraction" and maybe a touch of Lynchian weirdness that makes this film uneasy and will leave you wondering what you've been watching and even come the end what really happened about how it happened.

Yorgos Lanthimos is creating some very compelling cinema and I honestly can't wait for what he comes up with next. And this is a star making performance from Barry Keoghan.


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