Wind River ★★★½

While falling into some typical cliches and normal tropes of the dark, moody, atmospheric drama that takes places in a snowy and haunting environment, "Wind River" is a great neo-Western that ironically takes places on an Indian Reservation.

However, even with all the things I liked in "Wind River" there was still something missing here that I couldn't quite put my finger on. I just felt hollow, but they, that's the same way I felt with "Sicario" and I love "Sicario!" In short, this film is bleak, which might bring the score down for me a little bit, and that might be a bit unfair, but that's just me. But with that being said, "Wind River" is still worth the watch and takes places in a world that is non-existent in Hollywood.

Shout out to the fact that you made Elizabeth Olsen's character from Fort Lauderdale, nice touch.