The Babadook ★★★½

"A whole new level of possession..."

We have seen movies like Exorcist and lot other possession movies of it's like. The Babadook is a recent addition to this list. The good thing about this one is that, it succeeds to become something that is not just another horror film.

The Babadook features a single mother and her struggles to take care of her son who is disturbed with the entity called Mr. Babadook. The first act works as a family movie in which the mother tries to cope up with the society and the son's issues. The middle and final act, however, transforms the movie into horror. In my opinion, the first act worked so well, that we actually cared for the duo, even though little Noah Wiseman was a bit irritating. The middle act helped to build tension, which was a strong move, but the final act became a mild let down.

Still, Babadook introduced a style of storytelling that recent horror movies lacked. In fact, I felt that the director was intended to deal with the inner demons of the protagonist. The grief and rage that is inside her heart, due to her losses and suffering, must've drove her mad. In that sense, Mr. Babadook lives inside us rent free. Waiting for an opportunity to conquer us, and when that happens, it won't be easy to get rid of him.....

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