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This review may contain spoilers.

The last found-footage film that I saw was Cloverfield and it was mostly turd. I was half expecting Chronicle to be somewhat in the same territory, but the trailer was intriguing enough for me to want to watch it. And it was worth it.

Chronicle really takes off without much dilly-dallying beyond the basic introductions of characters. The basic premise is of three teenagers developing telekinetic powers after exposure to some strange alien object. Yeah, they all become Jean Greys.

I don't know if Chronicle can be called a superhero movie because the dudes have superhuman powers, but they can't exactly be called superheroes. Unlike other superhero movies, these guys don't really develop a sense of doing superhero "SAVE THE WORLD!" stuff. They start off by just dicking around with their new-found powers, and honing it further. Except for this kid Andrew.

Shit gets real with Andrew. This kid has issues. He's closed, unpopular, gets bullied and has an abusive alcoholic father and a sick mother. And the dude who played the guy really gives off that "shit's gonna get bad" vibe. Superhuman abilities in such a dude can't turn out well. (Magneto? Kinda.)

I won't go on much further than that, but the movie for me was great. The story is paced well, and the editing was awesome for a "found footage" film. I would have liked to watch a sequel to this movie, but I'm kind of sure that there won't be one.

My only gripe is that the cameras were turned on here and there a little too conveniently, that it kind of forcefully demands a little suspension of disbelief (you wouldn't expect people to film shit at such situations). But since this is a movie about teenagers acquiring superpowers, I guess I could ignore that.