Dead Silence ★★★½

Is this the greatest movie? No. Do I fucking love it? Oh my god, yes.

Donnie from New Kids on the Block follows a dude to the bleakest town since Centralia after the dude's wife was murdered because he kinda thinks he did it but he can't really be sure, so he's just sorta stalking the dude and I feel like his captain wouldn't really approve of his tactics, but that's beside the point.

The point is, Detective Hangin' Tough randomly (because he sure as shit doesn't believe the widower about this, so why?) decides to spend his valuable time digging up one hundred tiny graves.

Weirder is that the people of this town chose to cordon off a part of a graveyard for Mary Shaw and her godawful little wooden demons. "Not only did she ask to be buried with her dolls..." Who gives a shit, those same people turned into a mob and killed her, so why bother with her wishes at that point? Burn them.

Anyway, between everyone's extremely bizarre life choices and the fact that ventriloquist dummies are literally the creepiest thing on the planet, I dig it.