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  • That Uncertain Feeling

    That Uncertain Feeling


    A love triangle between Merle Oberon, Melvyn Douglas and Burgess Meredith is no more compelling than it sounds, despite the direction of Erst Lubitsch.

  • Limitless



    This probably would have felt better if I had not seen the TV series first. The TV series is not a series of the movie - rather it is a sequel, even going so far as having Bradley Cooper in a recurring role as the character from this movie.
    Cooper is given a drug which lets him use 100% of his brain abilities. He becomes a financial wizard, but also runs afoul of other people who learn of the drug and want more of it, too.

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  • Knight and Day

    Knight and Day


    This is one of my favorite spy action comedies. Tom Cruise does a good job as a spy who is efficient, but seemingly a little unbalanced. Cameron Diaz plays an auto mechanic that is trying to get back to Boston for her sister's wedding when she bumps into Cruise and gets sucked into his story.

    The story involves the inventor and prototype of a perpetual battery. Cruise says another agent was going to sell the battery to an arms dealer…

  • Phantom of the Rue Morgue

    Phantom of the Rue Morgue


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    One of those movies I probably saw on TV back in the 60s. I know I saw some version, and there doesn't appear to be another movie version that fits my vague memory. I mostly watched this to verify that the one line summary that TCM gives of the movie is a huge spoiler if you haven't read the story or seen a version of it. <<</SPOILER--A mad scientist uses an ape to murder his enemies----\SPOILER>>>. This is essentially the…