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  • Drive



    It is a different Ryan Gosling than I am used to, and he did a pretty good job without much dialog. There were a couple of scenes I had to look away from because of the graphic violence, and I kept having to adjust the volume so that I could here the quiet scenes without being blown away by the loud ones.

  • The Shopworn Angel

    The Shopworn Angel


    Jimmy Stewart is a Texas cowboy come to the big city en route to heading to France for World War I. Margaret Sullivan is the singer dancer that happens to meet him. He makes up a story that she is his girlfriend, and when his company mates try to call him on it, she plays along and romance ensues, creating a satisfying love triangle with Walter Pidgeon.

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  • Knight and Day

    Knight and Day


    This is one of my favorite spy action comedies. Tom Cruise does a good job as a spy who is efficient, but seemingly a little unbalanced. Cameron Diaz plays an auto mechanic that is trying to get back to Boston for her sister's wedding when she bumps into Cruise and gets sucked into his story.

    The story involves the inventor and prototype of a perpetual battery. Cruise says another agent was going to sell the battery to an arms dealer…

  • River of No Return

    River of No Return


    I liked this more than I expected to from the trailer, though it certainly was not without its problems. Apparently, neither Monroe nor Preminger wanted to make this film, but it doesn't really show. I guess Mitchum didn't get along with Preminger or Rettig, and was drinking a lot, but it didn't show either.
    First, the problems:
    The reverse projection river rafting scenes are pretty laughable today.
    There is an almost-rape scene that is a little troubling.
    The Indians are…