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  • Scenes from a Cabin

    Scenes from a Cabin

    Cooking; sweeping the floor, playing with siblings. All in a day of a family.
    Nature and landscapes. These are the lives we all lead.

    Sometimes it's nice to just sit and watch our everyday routine; to remember what beauty there is in the smallest things
    For me, this film does that; a gentle, life-affirming piece that examines our everyday movements. A film that actually takes the time to look at life, which so many people forget about..

    Great work all around from Piero and Andre

  • Heaven's Gate

    Heaven's Gate

    *More rather feelings that the film gives me, which I want to express through streams of consciousness*

    Heaven’s Gate, from Michael Cimino, evokes a time and a place; a wonderfully poetical life and existence.
    It is one of the most wonderful films I’ve seen; incredibly unfairly dismissed. A film of visual beauty, with a true soul. I get an extraordinary feeling from it. The subtle moments of observation on humanity are startling. Beautiful moments and times. Some…

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  • Stalker



    A film from another planet?

    This is a pure stream of profound consciousness.
    Each frame is created to the highest possible artistic quality.

    I just love the notions, and musings, behind the subconscious; how our innermost feelings, and desires, are even unknown to ourselves; we can fake what we think we want to feel, but we can never shake what we truly desire.

    This is hardly a film, more, something much more; a philosophical and psychological out-worldly piece of expression.

    Like others have said, hardly any words are needed to describe this.
    It simply is, and it's special to each person that watches it.

  • Andrei Rublev

    Andrei Rublev


    Simply breathtaking, heartbreaking..
    An elergy to mankind, and a judgment.

    There are scenes here, that transcend cinema, and are on an ethereal plain of their own.
    Truly, a haunting piece.

    The last few inferno of electricity; out-worldly..

    A hypnotic odyssey
    An overwhelming mosaic..