Platoon ★★★★

It's the Vietnam war and a new recruit, Chris Taylor gets placed in the midst of it all. With the opposition attacking them and rivalry among their own ranks the platoon and Taylor has to survive a lot.

Taylor is played by Charlie Sheen, I mostly know him from his Two and a Half Men days and his 'Tiger Blood' antics but this film shows he has talent. You see the pain he endures with his emotional performances, from seeing what happens you relate to what he feels and become attached to him. Tom Berenger and Willem Dafoe are Staff Sergeant Bob Barnes and St. Elias whose dynamic is intense throughout and both fight for on-screen presence as well as their ranks.

Oliver Stone throws together so much madness, action, drama, terror etc. into two hours, there no happy ending where one side wins after all have gone through hell and seen the worst of what war can bring. It feels like a film that could have stated 'Based on a true story' at the start which makes it that much more harrowing.

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