The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★★

Some months ago I was pretty sure Roma was the best film of 2018. Now I'm not so sure.

I really believe The Favourite is a perfect film, I just keep thinking and I can't seriously find any flaws to it.

Let's start with the technical side. It's perfect.
Yorgos' camera work is impressive in every way, wide shots, fish-eyes, low angles.
The editing is amazing, every scene is wonderfully elaborated, and the transitions feel just great.
The cinematography is delightful to watch, the colors have been carefully chosen to give us such a special view.
The production design is peak cinema, it is probably the best design I've seen in a long time. The costumes, the make up, the decoration, the furniture, the portraits, the gardens, the lights, everything is so carefully composed, making it so easy to get lost on the background of the story.

But not only it deserves every technical recognition there is. The narrative is excellent. The balance between comedy, drama, romance and historical plot was done masterfully.
The story of this 3 so different women was such an emotional experience. If the Academy wants to redeem themselves, they should just give the awards to these splendid actresses (and Yalitza Aparicio while you're at it).
I found particularly great how their characters personalities were reflected by their roles in the War going on in the background.
Olivia Colman is Queen Anne, someone who only craves to be loved, doesn't know what to do in the War and just cares for her and her people to be happy.
Rachel Weisz is Sarah Churchill, who goes directly and straight forward, who tells you what's wrong with you because she cares, wants to keep going to battle, keep shooting and fighting, even after winning.
Emma Stone is Abigail, who only wants what was rightfully hers, and will climb up not matter what, but when on top, doesn't care anymore about the fight.

I've never wanted to see a film again just after finishing it.

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