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  • Christopher Robin

    Christopher Robin


    Now I am a sap, I shall never deny it, and this got me stuck immediately in its sticky, sweet, honey covered paws.

    I'll keep this short (I have a lot of nothing to do after this so I must hurry), it's no Paddington in terms of fast paced action and fun - and has a bit of a slow first act and a lotta lighting consistency issues - but it's not tryna be anything other than what it is…

  • Little Monsters

    Little Monsters


    Just some good ol' fashioned fun.

    I haven't had this much fun with a zombie flick since Shaun of the Dead. It's bawdy, over the top, and is pretty well paced overall. Sometimes you just want to sit back and watch the fun unfold to a little ukulele dirty.

    There's some nitpicky stuff - Teddy McGiggles dialogue needed a little once over (just to remove some of the Australian phrasings of things), there coulda been some more fun action, sometimes…

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  • My Life as a Zucchini

    My Life as a Zucchini


    First of all, I find it hilarious that the first credits I got were for the English dub even though I didn't watch that version. Secondly, I wish the marketing for this film was better when it first came out because it definitely didn't do the final end product justice.

    It's just lovely, in the framings, the dialogue, the music, the feeling, and the dark reality that surrounds most of it. It just know what it is so desperately and pulls it off near flawlessly.

    I had a critique but frankly I forgot it as soon as that sweet end credits clip played.

    Necessary viewing.

  • Verdi: La Traviata

    Verdi: La Traviata


    I'll be honest, the stream stopped working halfway through so I didn't see all of it, but never has there been a turn around like watching Il Trovatore and then this. This production (and libretto) is everything that Trovatore isn't - namely good. The performances are good all around and it's an absolute delight to listen to. Hopefully the second half stands up even taller than the first. (Upon further research, it's interesting to me that the reviews from release…