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My month of women directors

I realised recently that I've never been particularly good at making sure I am watching a decent number of films from women directors. I am trying to generally change my viewing habits to rectify this, but am beginning with 31 days in which I watch well regarded films directed by women. I have a list of some films I want to watch in this period, whether they have been chosen through repute or a specific recommendation from a friend. I am generally trying to keep it to directors I am yet to see any films from, but am not strictly tied to this.

Recommendations in the comments are always appreciated

  • The Truth Beneath
  • Girlhood
  • The Hitch-Hiker
  • Monster
  • Reassemblage: From the Firelight to the Screen
  • Sleepless in Seattle
  • Daisies
  • The Watermelon Woman
  • Daughters of the Dust
  • Jeanne Dielman, 23, Quai du Commerce 1080 Bruxelles
  • The Headless Woman
  • Bridget Jones's Diary
  • The Edge of Seventeen
  • But I'm a Cheerleader
  • The Piano
  • Beau Travail
  • Meshes of the Afternoon
  • Tamako Love Story