The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★½

I may not have lived in the south during the 1950s, but I felt in my core this twisted tale of corrupting Christianity for one's own vices. Times may change, but people do not.

There were several very good things about 'The Devil All the Time,' including the main theme and the wonderful acting by each member of the star-studded cast. I've always been an anti-voiceover-narration advocate, however. I think a lot of the plot's intricacies were lost in the styleless clarifications given away. Everyone knows the first rule of filmmaking is "show don't tell."

Overall, as I've said many times before with subplot and character heavy narratives, one ought to focus on the depth of a story rather than see how far they can spread it across people, places, incidents, and years. The potential of the film's story is lost on me, as ultimately I find myself glad to have just reached the credits.

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