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  • Pink Flamingos

    Pink Flamingos

    Let me set the record straight, since people seem to forget sometimes: original does not mean good.

    Was this really the early 70s? I could easily see everyone involved in this just tripping balls the whole production and ad-libbing and having cast-party orgies.

    There's not just a rape scene in this, it's a rape scene that incorporates chickens into the act. And a whole predatory egg man situation from one of the sub plots that's stressing me out for just…

  • Anna Karenina

    Anna Karenina


    Joe Wright is so underrated. His long tracking shots are the equivalent of cinematic sex. And not just any old sex, like really good sex with your celebrity crush. Leonardo DiCaprio or someone like that. (Leo if ur reading this hmu)

    I'm not exactly why a stage was incorporated into the setting, but it made for a lot of beautiful shots. The horse race scene in particular is breathtaking.

    I really almost didn't believe that there existed a film so delicately abstract, so decadent and sophisticated, that the outcome would be me feeling sexual attraction toward the kid who played Kick-Ass in Kick-Ass. Good work, movie-makers.

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  • The Breakfast Club

    The Breakfast Club


    for years upon years ive always wondered about old peoples fascination with this movie and that shaggy guy with a birdnose and baggy clothes pumping his fist in the air.
    i get it now.

  • Inception



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    You would think after watching a movie with dream after dream after dream inside dream etc. I would have been able to predict an ending like that. He started to spin the top and I was like aw yay he saw his kids' faces it must be real!!!! But nope. Nope. Nope. My dreams just had to be crushed (pun not intended).
    I hate this movie, but I also…