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  • My Amityville Horror

    My Amityville Horror


    It was a story that could not have been more perfect for a sensationalist media during a decade known for its outrageousness. The home at 112 Ocean Avenue where the grisly -- and, it should be noted, somewhat unexplained -- murders of the entire DeFeo family by the eldest son Ronald DeFeo, Jr., was sold to what was, in the mid 1970s, the perfect example of the new nuclear family: white, middle class, blended. But the Lutzes, consisting of go-getter,…

  • Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia

    Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia


    The United States of Amnesia is refreshing and even startling in its austerity; this film is, to date, the most practical and unadorned examination of Gore Vidal, and that in itself makes the film wholly worthwhile. Opening with archival voiceovers indulging in the kind of breathless media rhetoric that followed Vidal his entire life, The United States of Amnesia gently posits that, in the case of the celebrated (and often loathed) novelist-slash-leftist, we as a culture forget so much about…

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  • A Night in Heaven

    A Night in Heaven


    Somewhere buried underneath this ungodly disaster of a film is the story of a couple of aging hippies struggling to find their place in a culture that no longer has any use for them. Whitney (Robert Logan) is a talented engineer at NASA who just wants to build rockets to explore space, but in the era of Reagan, only the military has any interest in his skills. As goofy as those opening credits look, where Bryan Adams sings "Heaven" as…

  • Murder at the Vanities

    Murder at the Vanities


    We pre-Code film fans, as a group, really need to stop going ga-ga over any movie with moderately salacious content. The days of having only a couple dozen pre-Codes to fawn over are long gone, and we can afford to bypass films like MURDER AT THE VANITIES, with only tepid naughtiness to balance out the complete ineptitude.

    Sure, MATV is offensive; it's a pre-Code from 1934, it's practically required to be offensive. It's notable, however, for being one of the…