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  • The Bad Sleep Well
  • Mulholland Drive
  • The Taking of Pelham One Two Three
  • Blood Simple

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  • Twister

  • Contagion

  • Babylon


  • Bridge of Spies


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  • Twister


    Leave it to a 1990s Amblin Entertainment movie product to take some of the best actors of our generation and squeeze the absolute worst performances out of them.

    P.S. This is probably more fun for people who haven't actually been in a tornado. Oh, excuse me, haven't actually been in a twister.

  • Babylon



    "I want these party balloons to be completely authentic to the period in both design and materials! Spare no expense! I will accept nothing less!" - Damien Chazelle, probably

    "I absolutely do not care what you do, write dialogue stolen from a dozen other movies peppered with a bunch of 40s slang, pay an intern to compose knockoff late-70s disco-jazz fusion for the soundtrack, use a 50-year-old box of Toni on her hair, whatever." - Also Damien Chazelle, apparently

Popular reviews

  • Murder at the Vanities

    Murder at the Vanities


    We pre-Code film fans, as a group, really need to stop going ga-ga over any movie with moderately salacious content. The days of having only a couple dozen pre-Codes to fawn over are long gone, and we can afford to bypass films like MURDER AT THE VANITIES, with only tepid naughtiness to balance out the complete ineptitude.

    Sure, MATV is offensive; it's a pre-Code from 1934, it's practically required to be offensive. It's notable, however, for being one of the…

  • Watchtower Over Tomorrow

    Watchtower Over Tomorrow


    Film #14 for my Hitch in Time Project.

    A 1945 propaganda piece designed to sell the American citizen on the idea of the United Nations. Possibly never shown, and possibly with very little (or even no) Alfred Hitchcock content. There are differing accounts regarding how much work Alfred Hitchcock did on this government film, especially since Hitch wasn't named as a director in the Variety announcement of April 1945, but one thing film scholars seem to agree on was that…