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  • Nightmare



    A mental patient plagued by murderous nightmares escapes from his experimental psychiatric program and heads to Florida to torment a dysfunctional family in Daytona Beach, leaving a swath of mutilated bodies in his wake.

    That's a pretty basic horror movie plot synopsis that can't really do justice to the grimy dread that permeates this thing. There's a hopeless fatalism driving just about everything and everybody here, from the killer's tormented bouts of self-loathing to the troubled little boy who can't…

  • Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

    Santa Claus Conquers the Martians


    Things noticed upon this, my dozenth or so holiday rewatch of my favorite Christmas movie*:

    - The score reprises “Hooray for Santy Claus” subtly and frequently, and it’s never less than delightful.

    - Vincent Beck’s Voldar is my second-favorite portrayal of Scrooge (behind only Scrooge McDuck’s), and is enhanced by his obstinate refusal to learn his lesson.

    - The occasional attempts at mild Cold War satire (commentary from rocket scientist “Werner von Breen,” for instance) suggest that this was made…

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  • Galaxy of Terror

    Galaxy of Terror


    Yes, there's interspecies worm rape in this movie, but it's HETEROSEXUAL interspecies worm rape, just like God intended!

  • Street Trash

    Street Trash


    "Has anyone mashed up clips from this classic of the 'melting vagrant' genre with Modern English's 'Melt With You'?" I wondered. Ten seconds later, I was watching exactly that. Internet, you seldom disappoint.