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  • Laser Mission

    Laser Mission


    Smirky mercenary Brandon Lee takes a gig to protect scientist Ernest Borgnine from Soviet agents and quickly winds up embroiled in...

    Y'know, I'm not usually one to turn my Letterboxd reviews into personal essays but screw it, Laser Mission doesn't deserve my full attention. I spent most of the movie thinking about this party in high school. My friend Byron, an exceptional graphic artist and one of two kids of Asian descent in my graduating class, sidled up to me…

  • Kill Them All and Come Back Alone

    Kill Them All and Come Back Alone


    Chuck Connors heads up a team of miscreants and killers hired by shady Confederate commander Frank Wolff to hijack a million dollars in gold from the Union Army. You've seen that type of thing before, but this doesn't make this movie any less fun.

    This is further evidence for my belief that Enzo G. Castellari is one of the most underrated action directors of all time. What could be a standard Spaghetti Western is elevated by a non-stop barrage of…

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  • Magic



    Anthony Hopkins is a massively successful ventriloquist named Corky and Ann-Margaret is occasionally naked. If you need more than that, we're very different people.

  • Street Trash

    Street Trash


    "Has anyone mashed up clips from this classic of the 'melting vagrant' genre with Modern English's 'Melt With You'?" I wondered. Ten seconds later, I was watching exactly that. Internet, you seldom disappoint.