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  • Two Lottery Tickets

    Two Lottery Tickets


    Dinel (Dorian Boguță) repairs car bodies, paints them, makes them look good. He is a simple, honest working man but finds himself in desperate need of money. His buddy Sile (Dragoș Bucur) is into bets and convinces Dinel to buy a lottery ticket and to split the eventual prize, despite their buddy Pompiliu's (Alexandru Papadopol) expressed skepticism over the chance of winning. As chance would have it however, Dinel wins. Now all they have to do is find the misplaced…

  • Dogs



    City boy Roman (Dragoș Bucur) has just inherited a big piece of empty land in a remote village after his grandfather's death. He decides to sell it but soon discovers that doing so wouldn't go too well with his grandfather's men, who apparently used - and intend to continue using - the land for illegal activities. Meanwhile, police officer Hogaș (Gheorghe Visu) tries to investigate a murder after being brought a severed foot that was found in the area.


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  • Prometheus



    "Sometimes, to create one must first destroy."

    Why do we watch movies? Some would say it's just a way to pass the time. Others would say they watch movies for their entertainment values, the spectacle and escapism they provide. Others would say a good story is the reason. Others would say it's because of the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into putting together a movie, the process through which a movie is created, the work and effort required to bring…

  • Her



    Artificiality is a scary thing.

    In this day and age we've come to distance ourselves from the real world so much thanks to technology that human interaction has lost some of its importance. Face-to-face dialogue is a rarity, smile, laughter, happiness, sadness, all of it is mimicked through emoticons or what have you. We talk to each other through social networking services or all kinds of gadgets, see each other through tiny cameras. Everything is fake and everything is put…