No One Lives ★★★

With some varied, sublimely executed kills, a few legit what-the-fuck moments and a good, thrilling performance from a quiet yet maniacal Luke Evans, this horror movie provides entertainment of the raw and bloody type. It gets down and dirty from the start and stays there until it's over. It isn't excellent, it isn't mind-blowing and it isn't very well made but it mostly plays to its strengths which are enough to carry it through without too many cases of raised eyebrows or rolled eyes. At 78 minutes without credits it's a simple, lean and mean ride that on occasion gets pretty intense and wraps up before fatigue, boredom or a suspicious, incredulous state of mind have a chance to settle in. Luke Evans' performance isn't amazing but it's certainly one of the best parts of the movie. His subdued take on a sick, twisted and demented serial killer is highly enjoyable and his presence is around the clock menacing. One specific moment that I love is when someone sees Evans holding a shotgun next to a severely beaten victim who's laying on the ground; Evans says to the newly arrived man that the guy on the ground stole his wallet. He then says in a dull tone "stop, thief" and then proceeds in blowing the guy's head off from close range. Now ain't that good fun? It sure is for me.

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