The Alchemist Cookbook

The Alchemist Cookbook ★★★

I've really enjoyed everything from Joel Potrykus that I've seen so far and I also thought that Ty Hickson was great in the underseen Gimme The Loot, so I was extremely excited to see that they would be doing something together.

The film is about a disturbed young man played by Ty Hickson who lives in a trailer deep in the woods. In his seclusion he practices alchemy and delves into demonology while drinking Gatorade, eating Doritos and listening to an eclectic mix of music. When he runs out of his medication things spiral wildly out of control into a world of delusion, paranoia and self harm. I guess the film is about how we can lose ourselves and devolve into something we no longer recognize as who we think we are. We become the things we fear and destroy ourselves without seeing what's happening until it's too late. I think Potrykus toyed with these themes in his early short film Coyote but has now condensed and refined what he was trying to express into this film. Both films are unique, quirky and definitely worth checking out. I'll definitely keep my eyes out for anything from both Ty Hickson and Joel Potrykus.

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