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  • Fire Festival

    Fire Festival


    Primal - Sex and nature's fury - Mountains versus the Sea

    The low quality transfer I had does not do justice to Masaki Tamura excellent, naturalistic cinematography. The middle-ground between his village vs. industry protest works for documentarian Shinsuke Ogawa and the indie dramas he shot during the 90s. Drags like hell unfortunately, though the overall atmosphere and politics of Fire Festival is fantastic.

  • Raining in the Mountain

    Raining in the Mountain


    Unbelievably entertaining! King Hu directs a heist film set in a temple occupied by the political intrigue surrounding an election of a new abbot. The key players enter the stage, moving their pawns all across the game board until an unknown variable emerges to shake things up. Far less wuxia fighting, with instead much more sneaking around, changing hands, and repositioning loyalties to get ahead. Bodies flipping and dancing through layers of depth and verticality in each frame, emerging from…

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  • Made in Hong Kong

    Made in Hong Kong


    For a film which sounds on the surface like the second wave director Fruit Chan’s cash in on the indie splash made by his contemporary Wong Kar-wai and his Chungking Express a few year prior, it is certainly surprising to see how Made in Hong Kong manages to carve its own creative path. I went expecting gritty lo-fi riff on the Chungking formula aimed more so at the disillusioned youth of the Handover era. What I got was a film of surprising craftsmanship…

  • The Seventh Curse

    The Seventh Curse


    I Love Asians 2019

    Dear Filmsoc,

    Y'all better get fucking hyped for this steaming hot pile of love letter to 70s and 80s American action cinema. Riffing on everything from Carpenter to Indiana Jones to Rambo to Alien, this absolutely unhinged and notorious Category III flick is all sorts of gory, campy, squelchy and weird. Served alongside all your favourite Hong Kong studio signifiers, from the fully constructed studio sets to the infinite army of disposable extras and hazardous pyrotechnics.…