Parasite ★★★★★

***200th Review***

I am very happy I went into this film blind. Parasite was a great story and a thrilling experience. There was a lot of beautiful camera work and good arrangements of music throughout the film. While the visual and sonic qualities in this film are of good quality what really makes this picture powerful are the performances and the plot itself. Every actor/actress in this movie played their roles beautifully and are an absolute delight on screen. The performances did a good job of showing two sides to Korean society and how they compare and contrast. The plot for this movie is beautifully paced and put together. There is such a range of emotions that I got from this movie as I would be laughing one moment and then I would be tense the next. While the political statement of this film is not too deep, it was far more complex than I expected it to be. Considering the conversations that surround this film I was initially thinking it would be largely on-the-nose. It turned out to be very different as both the rich and poor people in this film have moments where they are morally flawed instead of merely having one side be labeled as “bad”. I deeply enjoyed Parasite and think that it has a well conceived story that was executed in a beautiful fashion.


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