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This review may contain spoilers.

"This road never ends. It probably goes all around the world."

The opening sequence begins with River Phoenix's Mike Waters standing in the middle of nowhere, muttering to himself and staring distantly at the scenery of vast space in this such a desolate and impressive film.

As the plot slowly introduces to the subject of the whole films such as street hustlers and introducing to Keanu Reeves' Scott Favor as they both continuing their adventures across from Seattle to Idaho.

You can feel the devastating sensation of sadness toward Mike as he confess his love to Keanu Reeves's Scott in the campfire scene and in the later scenes shown Mike feels envious toward Scott even though he fallen in love with Italian girl during the search for Mike's mother in Italy, leaving Mike feeling anguished and as well as Scott moved on after inherits the money from his deceased father. Then in the final scene went back to the same scenes as the opening scene and cut out into the black with the word; "Have a nice day" appeared on the screen.

Overall, the film was exceptional but sometimes bit slow even though it is satisfactory. The visuals and cinematography are stunning and it feels like you're watching an avant-garde film, especially the footages of the beautiful scenery from the environments. The performances from River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves are monumental yet powerful for some of the downhearted scenes, including the campfire and the ending.

To be honest, it was very good film to watch and it's my first Gus Van Sant film.

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