Back to the Wall

Back to the Wall ★★★★

Jeanne Moreau is so powerful! The unimaginable things men do for her love! I say it because this film makes a great double-feature with Ellevator to the Gallows, who also came out in 1958.

Adding the also great The Lovers (althought very different genre) Jeanne OWNED the year of 1958!!! And she's playing cheating wives in all three movies. No wonder she kinda got typecasted as that in her future Works but in her case, we don't care because she got to do that in so many different genres with different approaches that it's hard to even notice that it might me a typecast situation.

Anyways, loved this film. Favorite thing about it was the cinematography which I found outstanding (amazing use of light and shadows) and got me suprised since this film seems to be underseen.

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