Ju-on: The Grudge ★★★★


This has some of the most unsettling and terrifying visuals I've ever seen. Sleeping the night I watched this was definitely a challenge because it really fucked me up.

Aside from a few too many loud music cues that did lessen the impact of certain scenes, the horror is mostly effective. It's not excessive or overdone. A lot of it is either subtle or just creepy in itself and not because of a loud abrupt noise. The plot is mostly engaging, but the structure of the movie I had some issues with. The movie bounces around between characters and a couple of times it seems to also deviate from a linear timeline which is a little unhelpful at times because it makes it hard to grasp what events have already occurred and sometimes it gives away what will happen next as well. But, it didn't ruin the movie for me at all.

The acting is pretty great in this movie. I can't judge the line delivery too much, but from a physical perspective it's all great. The facial expressions express so much of the fear and terror they are feeling. Most of the horror sequences have no dialogue and it's visual, so the acting really helps in those scenes. I also found the editing to be really good in these sequences as well and they were cut to perfection in regards to sustaining suspense. The music worked for the most part, but as I said there were a couple of unnecessary loud music cues.

Overall this is really great. Engaging, disturbing and another great example of why Asian horror is superior in many ways.