Cruella ★★★

Odd music choices aside, Cruella is an interesting stab at establishing an origin story for one of Disney’s most iconic villains, though it owes the majority of its success to Emma Stone’s undeniable star power. Emma Thompson as the Baroness and the costuming were also among the film’s strengths.

The film is restrained of course, thanks to the never-failing Disney formula, but there’s just enough grit in the story to make Cruella a compelling anti-hero.

What’s most impressive about the film is that it manages to contain its sequel-bait to the mid-credits scene, unless you consider the presence of Kirby Howell-Baptiste and Kayvan Novak‘s characters alone sequel-bait considering they did nothing for the plot otherwise. 

I also appreciated that the film used real dogs as often as it could in favor of CG dogs. They were cute.

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