Nobody ★★★

This movie kinda baffled me. It somehow both critiqued and glorified toxic masculinity. Or maybe I’m just giving it too much credit. Either way, whether the film had something to say or not, any semblance of a message was shot to hell in the third act, along with a few dozen henchman.

One strength of this film is that, for the most part, it was surprisingly grounded in reality. I liked that Hutch took a good amount of beatings rather than being near invincible like most action protagonists. Though Connie Nielsen’s character was underdeveloped, the family dynamic made for great build up, as did Hutch’s interactions with neighbors and acquaintances. Because of this, the action sequences felt earned rather than just existing for the sake of violence. 

Bob Odenkirk’s charisma elevates the film even at its lowest points. Aleksei Serebryakov was yet another surprise with his performance as the film’s antagonist being dynamic and intriguing. I was not a fan of how the film wrapped up, but as a whole it was better than I expected and a great movie to return to a theater for. I’d love to see more Bob Odenkirk on the big screen.

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