Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★★

"It's the pursuit that's meaningful"

I also would try to suck Brad Pitt's dick if he gave me a ride home.

I honestly don't know how to express how I feel about this entire movie in a way that perfectly describes the emotions it gave me, but I'll try my best. (No spoilers for now until I rewatch it, because I feel it's a NEEDED rewatch)
• This is in my top 3 for Tarantino
• Brandy the dog better get an Oscar nod next year or we riot.
• So many fucking foot shots. Feet now look weird to me. Thanks Tarantino.
• Rick Dalton is a fucking Diva and he's extremely entertaining to watch, but his genuine worry for his own career fading more and more is believable as it is hilarious.
• Cliff Booth has dethroned Louis as my favorite Brad Pitt role. Imagine if "Shades Of Cool" & "White Mustang" by Lana Del Rey gave birth to a person, you'd get Cliff Booth. Pitt made me fall in love with him again, even though I never fell out.
• There is a moment in the movie where Margot Robbie BECOMES Sharon Tate, after she gave us the best, albeit, only (as far as I know) live-action Harley Quinn in 2016 and the next year she gave an hilarious & haunting performance as Tonya Harding and she brought that same energy into this.
• Reviews calling this Q's sweetest (bittersweetest & funniest) movie are accurate, it's almost shocking, yet that makes all the more heart-warming.
• Brad & Leo work almost too well together (pretty much has to since the movie exists around it) their chemistry feels natural and lived in that's it's not hard to believe they're best friends (lovers).
• I can see why some people are or will be disappointed with how the movie is paced or the fact that it's a "hangout" movie or maybe the ending is too over the top (Once upon a time is in the title what did people expect?), but honestly I didn't mind the long takes, the camera is used to it's full advantage with the wide shots of the city when characters are walking, driving, or riding a horse, the camera almost pans at the same speed. I feel like the scenes with Sharon Tate or even the side characters were used to let the audience spend more time in 1969 and expand this fantasy world of Hollywood that Tarantino had made.(Not a total fan of the Bruce Lee protrayal, even though I know the reasoning behind it) From the music, the cars, the signs, the creepy muderous hippie cult members, the movie really lives up to it's own title.
(apparently Q had a fear of hippies growing up, probably because of the Manson murders, that's valid because that ranch scene had me on edge and I had to pee too and REALLY didn't want to get up)

OUAT in Hollywood can be seen as the lovechild of Inglorious Basterds & Jackie Brown (with a dash of Death Proof), but it's ENTIRELY it's own movie and firmly stands on its own. (Also the movie felt like Midsommar for a split second)
• This is the first Tarantino movie I've seen in theaters after years of not being old enough to see it in theaters or being too broke to see it, that ending made all those years worth the wait. (I couldn't tell if it was me or the rest of the audience that was screaming and cackling)
• and lastly, Fuck Charles Manson and his little "family" too.

They say only the good die young, that just ain't right, cause we're having too much fun, too much fun tonight.

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