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  • Death Is a Caress

    Death Is a Caress


    Awesome cinematography! Can't state that enough, this is a beautiful movie! Engaging plot too, and there are so many qoutable lines ("ja, han har vel alltid satt mer pris på mammon enn på amour" is definitely one of my favourite lines in general). I'm so hyped to go through the rest of her filmography because damn this has style to it!

  • 12 Angry Men

    12 Angry Men


    Quite possibly the movie with the greatest written dialouge of all time. Combined with the emotional acting and sleek directing, I enjoyed this a whole lot. I loved the way the movie lead you through the story, casually giving you, the viewer, more hints and facts related to the case, allowing me to decide on my own what I think about the case. Even if the movie clearly wants you to be on the main characters side, it's still a…