Captain Marvel ★★★★

“Higher, further, faster, baby.”

Ahhhhhhhhh. I saw it!!! Ok, ok, coherent thoughts...

I LOVE CAROL! I love her personality, I love who she is as a hero, everything. I think Brie did a fantastic job. I loved Nick Fury in this movie too! Seeing him younger, more relaxed, and actually fighting some was super cool. 

This movie wasn’t like a regular Marvel film. It wasn’t 24/7 action, which I liked. The first part almost felt more like a spy movie to me. And the girl power in this was done perfectly. It wasn’t shoved in your face, but it was there. This wasn’t a film with an agenda, it was just a film with a good message. 

I really appreciated the tribute to Stan Lee. It was so perfect. And I think his cameo in this movie might be my favorite now. 

Also, STAY FOR THE CREDITS. It is absolutely vital and you might scream. I, for one, had to suppress the urge to jump out of my seat. 


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