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  • Columbus



    It's like Ozu meets Antonioni meets Linklater.

    No that's asinine, but it's a very wistful and deliberately composed portrait on meaning and how aesthetics affects daily life. Memory is a large part of it as well; how the present is really only an extension of the past, as it lives and is solidified eternally through shapes, spaces, buildings we navigate through on a daily basis.

    So architecture is there to make us engage with reality, our history, and to remember…

  • Shadows in Paradise

    Shadows in Paradise


    Poetry of the unrecognized longing

    "/.../It's funny, it's very funny... And It's a lot of fun too, to be in love..."

    Kaurismäki achieves the elusive; he gives the inarticulate and speechless a voice, allowing us to understand their desires before they know them, but when they do, it ripples through the entire fabric of the film, turning the gloomy images into something tender and transcendent. He never allows an image to exist in just portraiture, there is always a tragicomical,…

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  • A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence

    A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence


    "Det är så vackert, men ändå så hemskt"

    Embodying the Swedish spirit through phrasing, mood and general interactions; capturing the sharp tongue and redundancy of speech that feels like a definition of a tired society, but a society that still has an underlying humaneness to its intentions.

    The two main characters represents two regular tempers; one who is gloomy, but sensitive, who's become beaten by the world, and another that is irritable and brushes of anything that has the possibility…

  • Interstellar



    "Love transcends time and space"- apparently love is the decisive compass you need in Space.