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Swap List

You watch one of mine and I'll watch one of yours, by own choice from your swap list. Reasonable length, no Satantango's or Out 1's here. Genre is for you to decide. Only friends can participate.

"Step 1. Like this list (so i know you want to participate)
Step 2. Choose a film on the list and watch it.
Step 3. Comment that you watched it and, i dunno, add a link to a review you wrote for if you did that.
Step 4. In that same comment, either send me a link to your own swap list, or just recommend me a movie.
Step 5. I will watch it and tell you about it."- Supe's rules of conduct

  • A Swedish Love Story
  • Shadows in Paradise
  • The Devils
  • The Eel
  • The Emperor's Naked Army Marches On
  • The Confession
  • Elvira Madigan
  • The Boys in the Band
  • The Silent World
  • There Was a Father
  • Moolaadé
  • Here Is Your Life
  • French Connection II
  • Variety
  • The Cremator
  • Carmen Jones