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  • Computer Chess

    Computer Chess


    Probably the most "me" movie I've ever stumbled across. As a person who works as an AI researcher this had a couple of bonus points out of the gate. The film is endearing, strange, humorous and takes quite a few absurd turns, becoming an era-piece that still feels very contemporary. It focuses primarily on the gap between the human mind and artificial intelligence, which is largely a question of the parts of ourselves that we yet do not understand, that…

  • Tower



    As if it hasn't already been mentioned in every review; this is powerful. Regardless of how many times I've read that in previous reviews of this, I was still not quite prepared. It's filled with a completely unprecedented positivity. You know the kind that makes you feel that we're all fellow travellers to the grave, the kind that makes you want to try to make someone's day better by smiling at them for no reason. A dirge to the potential…

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  • L'Avventura



    Finally feeling somewhat on the same page as Antonioni, and that happens in a film where communication is it's most subversive element, the one that discloses the least about what is actually going on in the film. And there is clearly a disconnect between the director/writer and his characters here. While delving into fascinating psychoanalysis, the distance remains and much like Luigi Pirandello, Antonioni lets his characters roam free without doubting the primal forces that directs the film. As though…

  • Red Desert

    Red Desert


    First off thanks to Connor and Marcus for promptly guiding me to this immediately following my review of L'avventura and never has a recommendation felt so appropriate. Of course I loved it, as Antonioni's scenes become more layered in complexity, though the lifeless black-and-white has its charm, so does his narrative. And it is important to remember this complexity going in to this film, as interpretations often tend to err on the simplistic side. Still we explore the realm of…