Parasite ★★★★½

Quickly jotting down some notes on the movies I’ve seen at BIFF, that is currently coming to an end, in between my recommendations list. 

Only seen Memories of Murder, from Joon-ho Bong, which I didn’t care that much for at the time. However, this is better in nearly better in every aspect. This is really funny, and not because of character quirks that seem outlandish, a tendency I’ve seen in a lot of Korean film, but subtler quirks that simply feels like of the film being animated with life. It then slowly spirals out of control mounting in a tension that is difficult to withstand at it’s most intense. The social critique is immediately present, though not incredibly profound or inventive, it factors in to both the comedy and the drama. Aside from a movie that absolutely flies by, there are the little nuggets of gold along the way, like Da-songs Basquiatian sensibilities as an artist already at the age of 9, that come together to make this movie much more than the average fare. Will definitely be revisiting!

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