Wax, or The Discovery of Television Among the Bees

Wax, or The Discovery of Television Among the Bees ★★★★½

Tentative 4.5 rating just because I would feel like a fraud for giving this a 5 on the first watch. So far as the contents of the film goes, suffice to say that I will not pretend to have fully  deciphered this. Besides, I would also like to say that the film has barely left my mind for a single second in the two days since I saw it and so it will certainly not be long before I return. From what I gather thus far, Wax, focuses on the limitations of being human, how understanding (not only human, but in general) is formed, and the patterned, fragmentary nature it always seems to assume. Restrictions are imposed not by the vast expanse of all possibility, but by genetics (referring equally aptly to humans, bees, and computers). Also provided, is a considerable note on how something coming into being necessitates it’s coming out of being. And I will continue to utilize this notion until I tire of it, every fact presupposes it’s own negation. This little blurb leaves out the majority of ideas presented in the film, but I will stop myself to keep from staying up all night to write down all my thoughts.

Of course, the film is available on YouTube.

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