Casino ★★★★★

I want to apologize for my prior reviews. I understand now that they were disgusting. From now on, I promise to conform to Letterboxd’s community standards. I also want to apologize for the 5 star rating, which is an error I made last night and I can’t change. 

I don’t think Casino deserves 5 stars. I certainly don’t think it’s one of the best movies ever made by one the greatest directors of all time. I don’t think the contrast of Las Vegas’ overpowering neon, marble and gold with the utter sparseness of the surrounding desert made for cool visuals. I don’t think it’s fun to watch Joe Pesci smash the sociopath turbo button even harder than he did in goodfellas or to watch Deniro play the schmuck for a change. Bc James Woods’ politics are very bad, I also think his performance was bad. Finally, I don’t think the movie has anything to say about American society (and capitalism in general) by revealing the “non stop glamorous party” facade of casinos in the 60’s to be a front for a cabal of ruthless murderers making a shit ton of money.

 I certainly don’t think the overarching message of the film is that the only way to guarantee survival in a rigged society is to make the fat crooks in power as much cash as possible, while getting to keep a fraction of what you generate for them. 

No what I think about the movie, is that Martin Scorsese is condoning every negative action by every single character in the film. He thinks the mafia, being racist, and abusing women is good and I find it VERY screwed up personally. 

Now is the part of the review where I typically comment on any of the actors I found to be insanely hot. In the past I might say something like “gadam Sharon stone was so hot in this movie I understand why Deniro was such a turbocuck. I’d saw off one of my diabetic uncle Dimitri’s toes without giving him any anesthesia just to get one tiny piece of pussy pie from her”

But that’s the old me and to ensure I don’t run afoul of the beautiful Letterboxd moderators, I have been studying the ways popular Letterboxd users deem it appropriate to be horny on this app. From what I can tell, by saying the words “tits” “pussy” or “sucked off,” you are doing literal violence. It seems my two acceptable options are 1) regurgitated Twitter formats someone else came up with years ago or 2) using the kind of stilted AAVE that would be embarrassing to say out loud in a room alone, let alone in front of a black person. 

So here goes: 
whole movie problematic but Sharon do be looking kinda good doeee sis👀👀We Stan a BPD queen 
Sharon Stone run my pussy over with a fire truck challenge 

Please choose whichever one of those makes you less mad at me