Jaws ★★★

I’m sure this shit wouldve blown my mind if I watched it in a polyester jump suit, after getting off work at a manufacturing job I didn’t know was about to be outsourced, next to my wife that I met when she let me raw dog her at Woodstock. But I watched it high as shit, in sweatpants in 2020 and though I don’t have a wife or family, what I do have that 70’s me doesn’t, is access to a bunch of movies and tv shows that are more exciting than jaws. If what I was watching everyday was the Brady bunch and battle of the network stars, I could see how this would be a tight movie. But I’m living in a world where shit like total recall, John wick, and sharknado already exist. I get that jaws probably influenced a bunch of shit but idc. My roommate pointed out how Spielberg invented some camera trick where he zoomed in on The police chief in a cool way and, again, that shit was probably cool in the 70’s but we got Doritos commercials that do shit like that now. Also the music was like some Peter Pan shit, I guess it’s the guy who did Star Wars probly but it was goofy to me.