Moonstruck ★★★★½

A very strange movie that’s  incredibly rewatchable and features some beautiful NY in the 80’s settings for all you New York heads out there. 41 year old Cher and 23 year old Nicolas Cage are both at their hottest and scoffing at the age gap discourse in this love letter to cheating. 

In fact, the clear moral of the story is: cheat and everything works out for you. Whether you’re a hot widow getting her back blown out by the disabled younger brother of ur ugly fiancée or a fat Italian man getting side pussy at the opera—Moonstruck teaches us that munching on some strange box or dong will either lead you to the love of your life or reinvigorate your currently ailing marriage. An Italian morality play if ever there was one. 

Bonus points for a beautiful performance from Frazier’s dad (John Mahoney) as a pathetic man that is being kept alive by a constant stream of ill gotten top from young women.