The Man from Nowhere

The Man from Nowhere ★★★★★

Imagine John wick but instead of avenging his dog he’s trying to save a sweet little kid from being sex trafficked by the mafia. If that sentence doesn’t have you logging on to Amazon prime right now (where this movie is streaming for free) then get the fuck off my Letterboxd you uncultured dog.  

Though typically I like my revenge thrillers to be nonstop action from the jump, the buildup here is well worth it. We don’t see our hero truly rock anyone’s shit for like an hour, but in that time you become invested in the characters so that when shit starts going sideways you really give a fuck and aren’t just enjoying watching hundreds of bad guys die (which also rocks cock don’t get me wrong). This movie makes u wait 3.5 dates before u get to fuck but when it finally gives u some buttcheeks you bust so hard it looks like ur doing a Jerry Lewis impression. The last 40 mins is one of the most satisfying conclusions you’ll ever see featuring one of the best and most gruesome “one guy verses a bunch of guys” fight sequences of all time. The cops are great, the brother mobster villains are incredible characters and the protagonist is one sexy piece of ass.

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