Blonde ★★★★★

What happened to MM in her short life was pretty terrible. The fact that her life ended at such a young age is indicative of that. Most of what happened to her was extremely traumatic. The film means to be traumatizing for to be a sex symbol in her time meant nobody saw her for her actual talent. This film is not exploitation, this is being a woman. Nobody ever deals with the reality of abortions in film. No one has yet to capture an impending finality of life like this film does. Hopefully this film will help people understand how women suffer. Truly suffer. Not the petty me too movement that ‘oh he touched my back’ stuff. But the deep hauntings of women. No one has expressed that on film before like this. And it is about time someone truly addressed what this woman went through. This is the most ‘feminist’ film if it’s time and it was made by a man.

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