Freddy vs. Jason

Freddy vs. Jason

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

"Make them remember me, Jason. Make them remember what fear tastes like!"

Freddy's opening monologue finally answers the question that was scratching at the door of my mind, explaining that Freddy's powers running off of the fear of the children was only introduced here, at the end of it all. This, I have always maintained, is much better than the dream demons from Freddy's Dead, which is still canon here, since we see Doc amidst the flashbacks playing over his exposition. This creates an error, for how Springwood could possibly... Spring back from Freddy eliminating every minor in it over the span of 10 years? As for the Jason continuity, this is likely the canon extension of the events of Part 9, though there doesn't seem to be anything to actually link it back to that, there's also nothing to contradict it.
Everything plotwise needs to happen very quickly in order to leave enough room for the Main Event. Will is Lori's old boyfriend who disappeared under mysterious circumstances, those being that Lori's father had him committed to the recently reopened Westin Hills. When Jason kills her friend Gibbs' boyfriend, it makes the news and reaches him, so he and Mark, whose brother told him about Freddy before dying by his hands, break out to see her. Mark creepily tells all he knows in the middle of a crowded hallway, which allows Freddy the power to finally kill again. At a raver in the middle of a cornfield, Gibbs passes out and he nearly gets her, but Jason was attracted by all the drinking and drug use and kills her first before starting his own rampage. The new deputy in town, Scott Stubbs, recognizes this as the work of Jason and assumes it to be the work of a copycat, but the foolish old guard just sees it as part of Freddy's work and is already moving to cover it up. So he seeks out the kids and their dumb van to warn them, and now everyone involved knows about both killers just in time for Freddy to try and kill Lori when she passes out, only to have his weakness exposed again: that they can pull him out into the real world. In addition, the group discovers how Hypnocil works and goes back to Westin to get some. However, stoner Freeburg gets possessed by Freddy, throws all of it down the drain, and uses the tranquilizer Imobatine to immobilize Jason, and gets sliced in half in the process. Will, Lori, Lori's friend Kia, and an orbiter named Linderman all pile back up in Mark's van headed for Camp Crystal Lake, planning to pull Freddy out and let Jason take care of him.
Finally, just barely short of getting killed in the dream and all her friends killed by Jason in real life, Lori succeeds. Jason, having been tormented by Freddy the entire trip there, doesn't give anyone but him a second thought. Freddy still has some latent reality warping abilities, because there's no damn way he can survive being pushed through an entire cabin's worth of windows, or have the incredible athletic prowess to utilize the construction site as effectively as he does. His luck runs out partway through, and they both get launched out onto the pier. As Freddy drives Jason's machete through his own chest, Lori drenches the dock in fuel, and then blows up an entire butane tank, sending all 4 of them into the lake. The lovers hold eachother for the last gasp misdirect where someone jumps on the dock wielding a machete, but it's actually Freddy! Then Jason pierces him through the chest from behind with his own severed glove arm, Lori steals the machete and decapitates him. The next day, Jason resurfaces machete in one hand and Freddy in the other, who winks at the camera. The perfect ending for these two giants.

Best Kill: Part of me wants to be cute and give best kill to Freddy since he only gets the one (on screen and in the present) in the entire thing, and it is a fairly good one, Mark (Brendan Fletcher) gets slashed across the face and a message from Freddy burnt into his back. But my favorite was Scott (Lochlyn Munro).
Best Visual: There isn't anything all that fantastic in this installment, but it still has a great style over the course of it; really like the part where Jason leaves behind a trail of flames in the cornfield.
Best Zinger: "Tilt."
Best Line: "Kia, he has asthma!"

After 7 godawful ugly and unintuitive menu designs, we finally have something halfway fucking decent. This comes hot off the heels of my Goes to Hell/X dvd having both movies on just a black menu with subtitles as the only option, since Paramount doesn't own either film they couldn't include it in their box set. It doesn't have the title taking up 2/3 of the screen and it doesn't use late 90s early 00s graphic design cues. The fact that this wasn't part of the '97 box set makes me wonder if these aren't the same menus just with new disc art, but I guess I'll never know.