Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★★½

The first 10 minutes or so was beautiful, then I realized how shitty of a person our protagonist was and it threw me off a little. When he meets Christina Ricci I was immediately enamored by her presence on the screen. Her on-screen presence is on the level of Pam Grier in Jackie Brown. But the whole segment with Billy Brown (Vincent Gallo) and his family with Layla (Ricci) wasn't drawing me in much. Almost every scene from Layla tapdancing at the bowling alley and onward was great. The score and cinematography of this film were also consistently great. It had flashes of other beloved directors like Marty, Cassavetes, Abel Ferrara, even a pinch of Lynch. But it didn't quite hit the levels of the influences it took from.

Christina Ricci carried this film and I really wish she was in a Lynch film. One of my favorite performances I've seen this year.

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