Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

My mission today was to start honking when Billie Ray Cyrus makes his cameo and luckily the other cars were down with the cause. It's wild how much sense this movie makes the more and more you watch. So much vitriol from Naomi Watts in the final 3rd. Just pure hatred protruding from her facial expressions, a greatest of all time level performance. And Ay man we all can relate to how shitty it is being the second fiddle and not being as good as you hoped to be, whether it's the Hollywood dream presented here or if its just your own personal life. First 2/3rds of this film is like what you idealize about your life when youre trying to fall asleep and how that sinks into your dreams(/nightmares) after falling asleep.

I fall for the Club Silencio scene every fucking time. This will always be a top 5 film ever for me.

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