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  • The Matrix Revolutions

    The Matrix Revolutions

    I hope I don't completely butcher any of the philosophers I mention, if I do and anyone would want to help me understand stuff little better then go ahead please.

    From baudrillard we move on to Kierkegaard and thus, reloaded and resolutions go from logic to faith. Therefore, it makes sense that the two sequels are less than well-received, because where the first matrix is grounded in reality, the rest of the trilogy goes beyond that, and, in this third…

  • Licorice Pizza

    Licorice Pizza

    Le Bonheur, but instead of a very disturbing story being disguised under flowers and happy music, it's disguised through referencing the director's own previous films, at least in their style. By returning to an older style of pta, a style that has been fetishized because of Its aesthetics (the grand camera movements, the cool music, the anamorphic, etc), Paul Thomas Anderson manages to create a world that exists in his most shallow viewings of his older films, using a bastardized…

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  • Marriage Story

    Marriage Story


    fuck this mid ass movie had me waiting for some to happen the whole time I swear to god next time imma just trust my instincts and not watch any movies like that like mane they ain't even gave the long hair to Scarlett Johansson like bro how you gonna put her in your movie and not make her look fuckable hair looking like my grandma ass also Adam driver tries to speak like me in 6th grade when my…

  • Smosh: The Movie

    Smosh: The Movie

    my grandpa died while I was watching this movie and it ruined everybody's year, fuck this movie.