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  • Ammonite



    Francis Lee turned up at my screening and me being the little film nerd I am couldn’t stop thinking about how I was watching the film with the director present. I spent the ENTIRE time thinking of a cute question to ask him about LGBTQ+ representation in cinema and why it matters so much. Turns out he wasn’t taking questions during his talk at the end and I sheepishly exited the theatre without a socially-distanced hello or congratulations.

    I’m almost…

  • Mogul Mowgli

    Mogul Mowgli


    Films like Mogul Mowgli are hard to come by. Rarely can something exude the passion and the angst which this does. It’s lean 89 minute runtime ensures not a moment falls flat or hangs for too long. We the audience are plunged headfirst into the life of an artist battling with his identity whilst fighting for his life and livelihood. His struggle is with both inherited culture and inherited disease. The line blurs between the two and they merge constantly.…

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  • Rocks



    Tell 👏 more 👏 stories 👏 like 👏 this 👏

  • Becky Sharp

    Becky Sharp


    The very first feature film to be shot on 3-strip technicolour drenches the screen with vibrant colours. It’s a costume drama with a big emphasis on costume and not a lot on drama. Miriam Hopkins glides to a Best Actress nomination with ease as the plot centres so wholly on her rise and fall whilst giving her all the sassiest lines. 

    A film so remarkable for its time seems rather unremarkable now, but its importance in technical filmmaking is worth remembering.

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  • The Trial of the Chicago 7

    The Trial of the Chicago 7


    Let the record show that this film SLAPS

  • Rebecca



    A lingering sense of dread hangs over Alfred Hitchcock’s Best Picture winner Rebecca...

    A shrouded menace looms large on this evening over an otherwise comforting rewatch  of this Daphne Du Maurier adaptation....

    For the dawn brings with it a retelling of this tale which needed never to be told by anyone but Hitchcock...

    Tomorrow Rebecca shall have a twin and I wonder if it’s even possible she can live up to her name. Time shall tell, time shall tell...