Will Steele

My English teacher called me “one of life’s great wafflers” and that about sums me up!

Favorite films

  • Sunset Boulevard
  • The Graduate
  • Before Sunrise
  • The Worst Person in the World

Recent activity

  • Prayers for the Stolen


  • Waltz with Bashir


  • Everything Everywhere All at Once


  • What's Opera, Doc?


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  • The Northman

    The Northman


    Robert Eggers may have done the impossible. Anticipation had grown mountainous by building upon a dangerous combination of past successes and fierce expectation. With a formidable cast at his command, he and Sjón retold the tale of Amleth: the inspiration for Shakespeare’s Hamlet

    Beyond timeless, this tale is foundational. It is the definitive tragedy. Retellings stumble or stall if they make the fatal calculation that the tale can thrive on its origins alone. Eggers knew better. Eggers innovates. He drapes…

  • Apollo 10½: A Space Age Childhood

    Apollo 10½: A Space Age Childhood


    Back to round out his rotoscoping trilogy, Richard Linklater lenses a light-hearted animated tale examining a slice of life in the summer of ‘69. Our story focuses on the the middle child of middle-class Texan family enraptured by the escalation of the space race. The boy’s summertime recollections are the central spectacle which collapses like a kaleidoscope into a prism of memories and fantasies. From this collage we glimpse the unbridled imagination of childhood side by side with the food,…

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  • Everything Everywhere All at Once

    Everything Everywhere All at Once


    Sure The Daniels deserve Oscars for this

    but just think what they’d do with the trophies 😏

  • Berlin: Symphony of a Great City

    Berlin: Symphony of a Great City


    After spending a week in Berlin, it only felt right to revisit the city in celluloid. 

    This artefact had only ever been a historical footnote and a poetic title in my mind. Yet it’s modest runtime contains within it absolute majesty befitting this metropolis. From the ripples of the Spree to the flight of a locomotive, we cut across Berlin to the persistent beat of a rhythmic drum. Architecture, industry, and burgeoning technology compete for the limelight. The camera is…

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